Congress is favourite in gamble market; Ashok Gehlot is the first choice for CM in Rajasthan

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The BJP has not announced candidates yet, but speculative markets of Rajasthan made the Congress government in the state. However, the reality of the claims will be known only after December 11. The speculative betting in the market is in favor of the Congress.

Sattabazar is giving Congress 135 to 137 seats. While the BJP will be limit to only 35-37 seats. With today's speculation in Sattabazar, power will change in the province and a clear majority is expected to make the Congress government.

Gehlot's price is 25-30 paise in the CM race and Sachin Pilot's price is 70 to 80 paise. According to Sattabazar, Gehlot will be the chief minister when Congress will come in the power.

In 2013, Falodi Sattabazar had projected BJP to form 120 to 122 seats claiming to be BJP government. The seats did not come according to Sattabazar but the claim of becoming a BJP government was proved to be true. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the proportion of the BJP's 272 to 274 seats in the constituency of the Sattabazar was accurate.

Last year, during the by-elections in Ajmer, Alwar Lok Sabha and Mandalgarh Assembly constituencies in Rajasthan, Falodi Sattabazar conveyed victory of Congress. Here the estimation of the fodder proved to be precise.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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