Computer Baba's Haatt Yog for Digvijay Singh, is it going to be troublesome for Sadhvi Pragya?

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Various colours of politics are being seen in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The fresh colour of politics is being seen from Bhopal. Congress candidate Digvijay Singh, on the path of Hindutva, is planning to give Sadhvi Pragya a blow in the election field. For him, Computer Baba who was the state minister's in Shivraj Singh government is doing sadhana for him. Along with him, about a thousand other sadhus have also have gathered to do the sadhana.

Computer Baba is saying that religion will be won in Bhopal. After Haatt Yog, Baba gave the blessings of victory to Digvijay Singh. Digvijay Singh had reached with his wife for the blessings of computer Baba. Namdev Shastri alias Computer Baba said that religion should be hailed, religion should be destroyed, wrongdoing will be destroyed. The complete saint society has been involved with Digvijay. Now they will win.

Computer Baba resigned on the issue of Gaurakha on Shivraj Sarkar. He had opposed the creation of the Mauritian Ministry by the Shivraj Sarkar. Computer Baba has also expressed his intention to contest elections several times. During the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, he expressed his desire to contest the elections on the BJP ticket, but no attention was given to it. Now they are resorting to Haatt Yog to defeat BJP candidate Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. It is to see that the technique of Digvijay Singh loses Sadhvi Pragya or he feels disappointed.

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