Baba Fakkar Singh, who lost 16 elections, Now trying his Luck against Hema Malini

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Polls for Lok Sabha elections are being cast in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. Mathura Lok Sabha seat is included in the high profile seats of Uttar Pradesh. Here, Hema Malini, from BJP, has 12 other candidates are present to challenge her. Everyone's eyes on Hema Malini, while Baba Fakkar Singh, who lost 16 times, is also in the fray. He is trying his luck for the 17th time in the elections.

76-year-old Baba Fakkar Singh has so far lost in 16 elections and now he is fighting against Hema Malini in Mathura Lok Sabha seat as an independent candidate for the 17th time. Talking to the news agency ANI Baba Fakkar Singh said that my Guruji has ordered me to get into the election. According to Baba Fakkar Singh, his Guru said that he will win his 20th election. Baba Fakkar Sing said that I do not feel afraid of continuously losing.

Baba Fakkar, who lost the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections 8-8, further says that there is only one issue in Mathura that is saline water. I want Mathura to get rid of it.

Born in Bithoor, Kanpur, he came to Mathura as an ascetic at the age of 11. He said that his family made a lot of efforts to call him back Bithoor, but he did not listen to them. He does not want to leave Mathura. Singh believes that Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya in the next 5 years. He said that Narendra Modi will once again become the Prime Minister of the country.

In Mathura, there is a fight between Hema Malini of BJP, Mahesh Pathak of Congress and Kunwar Narendra Singh, SP-BSP-RLD candidate. Baba Phakkad Singh has declared his property 12 thousand rupees in this election.

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