Apart from her husband, Indira Gandhi had an illegitimate relationship with this man too! Know the truth

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You must have heard that Indira Gandhi's husband Feroze Gandhi had an affair with many women. He had relationships with women not only before marriage but also after marriage. Due to which these two had divorced from each other but Indira Gandhi also had relations with many men.

Indira Gandhi is considered one of the strongest women in the country. Who gave India a new height, but at the same time did some such work within the country, which aroused indignation for her.

About Indira Gandhi's illicit relationship, MO Mathai, who was special to Indira Gandhi, has disclosed some facts. In his book 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age', Mathai has made many revelations about Indira Gandhi, after knowing that you too will form a different opinion about the Gandhi family.

He wrote in his book that he had an affair with Indira Gandhi for almost 12 years, not with anyone else. He wrote a lot of personal things about Indira Gandhi and said that she (Indira) had a nose like Cleopatra, eyes like Pauline Bonaparte and breasts like Venus. She also wrote in her book that she was very good in bed 'and in sex' she was a mixture of French women and Kerala Nair women. Besides this, Mathai wrote that she was pregnant with him, so she had to undergo an abortion.

There was a lot of ruckus on his book but according to Mathai, all this was true. It has also been said that Indira Gandhi's relations have been with many foreigners. Indira was a figure that people still remember. No woman like him has entered politics till date.


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