Amit Shah's roadshow: Is making Big allegations against Trinamool Congress leaders

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BJP President Amit Shah made a big roadshow in West Bengal's CM Mamta Banerjee's stronghold of Kolkata. A huge crowd gathered in the roadshow. Meanwhile, the University of Calcutta is getting information about the attack on the BJP's roadshow. Amit Shah's car was hit and stones and sticks were thrown. After this, furious BJP workers have started a ruckus.

Before the last phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019, the atmosphere has once again been heated in West Bengal. There was a ruckus during the road show of BJP President Amit Shah. Amit Shah has claimed that the people of Trinamool Congress attacked their convoy. BJP workers were targeted. Amit Shah said that BJP would complain to the Election Commission of India. He said that we organized road ships all over the country. This type of incident has not happened anywhere.

Amit Shah said in a meeting with the media on the report of arson and violence after the roadshow that the state government should make it clear about this. He advised the media to question the Mamta Banerjee government in this regard. Amit Shah earlier made a big roadshow on the streets of Kolkata. This crowded crowd gathered in this roadshow.

Amit Shah, pointing to the crowd, said that Mamata Banerjee says people coming from outside are campaigning for BJP. See Mamta Didi, see how the common people have started campaigning for the BJP. People in the state are getting out of homes for a change. He said that the support given to the BJP has troubled the Trinamool Congress.

Amit Shah claimed that we will win at least 23 seats in the Lok Sabha elections this time. People have made up their mind for this. Mamta Didi is also understanding this point. So now he has started harassing people. Indeed, the meeting scheduled to be held in And Shah's Jadhavpur was not allowed in the last minute. Apart from this, many BJP leaders did not get the program approved. The anger of the BJP has increased in this regard.

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