Taking too much antibiotic may become harmful for your health.

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Health: In everyday life, we often take any antibiotic medicine by the advice of a doctor for abdominal pain or for fever. But doing this can be fatal to health. Incorrect or excessive use of any antibiotic can cause many problems such as infections.This can also develop antibiotic resistant organisms. Experts have warned of having serious diarrhea due to intake of excessive antibiotics.

In-taking excess amount of antibiotics , multiplies threat-

Dr Satish Kaul, an internal medicine senior consultant at Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, says that excessive antibiotic consumption can prove to be harmful for you. This can lead to stomach disorders such as diarrhea. Taking the wrong antibiotic can also be a problem, if you are allergic to that medicine, then it can also be a problem.

He said that use of any wrong antibiotic or excessive use of antibiotic can cause many health related problems and sometimes problems can be raised. Antibiotic resistant organisms can be developed due to excess intake of antibiotic,which in turn causes infections.He said that if you continue to take any antibiotic consistently without the advice of the doctor, then this danger increases manifold.

According to Dr. Satish Kaul, antibiotic resistant potential has become one of the world's biggest health problems. We should tell more and more people about the proper use of antibiotics and its function so that this problem can be diagnosed. We need to take this problem seriously.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotics are the medicines which is used to prevent infection. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change their appearance in response to the use of these drugs.

It may cause to death-

According to the WHO, taking antibiotics without any need, increases the antibiotic resistance, which is one of the biggest threats to global health. Antibiotic resistance can lead to patient recruitment for longer period of time, higher amount of treatment and patient's death if illness is serious. According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance can affect any age group and anyone in any country.

According to Dr Arvind Agrawal, an Internal Medicine Senior Consultant of Balaji Action Medical Institute. Nowadays, people with headache, abdominal pain or fever take any antibiotic medicine without consulting to the doctor. Many times we keep taking antibiotics without any need.

By taking antibiotics without any need and routine, your body's microbes or bacteria change themselves, so that antibiotics can not harm them and it proves to be harmful rather than benefits. He said, this is called antibiotic resistance. He also says that such bacteria not only save themselves from medicines but also increase their numbers which prove to be more dangerous for our health. He said antibiotics are taken to eliminate bacteria and diseases, and it can not eliminate viral infection such as colds, coughs and fever.

"So do not play with your health and do not consume antibiotics without consulting the doctor".


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