Vidya Balan: After 40 most of the women's become hot and naughty

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Vidya Balan, who plays Silk Smita's bold role in 'The Dirty Picture' and Amphibious Housewife and in the film 'Tumhari Sulu', has kept her separate shades of women in front of the world with her every film. Due to female staple films, she got praise from critics as well as the audience. She has often talked about women's issues. Now in an interview she has put her opinion on the women.

In an interaction with a magazine, Vidya said, "Women are more happy with age and their confidence gets better. After 40, women become more hot and naughty. Every kind of pressure on women in the male dominated society But women get older with age and stop taking the tension of troubles around the world. That time is yours. When you do not have special care, At that time you can do the most fun. "

She also said, "I have a friend who believes that women over 35 years of age are very fun loving because even he do not even get into the relationship and many women of the 35's do not want to do so, they would comfortable with each other.

Talk about the work front, Vidya is working on this time in the biopic of the famous mathematician Shakuntala. According to the report, in the film, Sanya Malhotra can play the role of Vidya's daughter.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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