These actresses are the owner of crores of rupees and are still unmarried, do not know when they will get married

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There are many such actresses in the film industry, who are now very old, and by working in films, these actresses have now acquired crores of wealth, but till now these actresses have not married and still own A virgin is sitting at home. Today we will tell you about some similar film actresses.



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Nayantara is a well-known actress in the South film industry and has worked in many best films so far in her career. According to the net worth portal, they have assets of about $ 1.5 million, or about Rs 74 crore. Let us tell you that Nayantara is now about 35 years old, but Nayantara has not married yet.

Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif is one of the most famous actresses of Bollywood. Her age is now 36 years, but Katrina has not married yet. According to the website "", Katrina Kaif has assets of about 128 crores.

Yami Gautam

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Yami Gautam is now 30 years old but she has not married yet, but Yami Gautam has become a favourite actress of fans due to her excellent work in films. According to "", they have assets of about $ 6 million, or about 42 crore rupees.


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Tabu is one such actress in the Bollywood film industry, whose marriage has been waiting for many years. Because he is almost 46 years old now, but it seems that Tabu is still not in the mood to get married. Let me tell you that according to "" Tabu has assets of about $ 2 million i.e. about 14 crores.

Sushmita Sen

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Sushmita Sen talks about her affairs more than her films. Her name has been linked with many people so far, but let me tell you that this 43-year-old actress has not married yet, and according to "" she has assets of about 7 crores.

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