Sneha from Hapur did film to pay coaching fees, walked on the red carpet of Oscar

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Oscar 2019Winner Short Film Termination Term: The country's biggest award ceremony Oscars 2019 was held in Los Angeles on February 25. Like every year, this time too many Roman stars came to take part in the Oscars. Whereas Indian short film 'Period of the Sentence' is gaining a lot o appreciations and headlines. Let us tell you that the film got an Oscar award in the 'Documentary Short Subject’ category.

The special thing is that Sneha, who is playing an important character in the film, is an Indian. Sneha is a common girl living in Hapur in Uttar Pradesh. Because of playing a leading role in 'Period of the Sentence', she reached to become a part of the Oscars, where she was seen in the stylist look with crop top and long skirt.

Sneha, who looks very ordinary in her real life and is not an actress by profession, but this film has changed her life.

The intresting fact is that, that artist and the story, both belongs to India. This documentary has been directed by Rayka Zehtabchi and it is produced by ‘Sikhiya Entertainment' by Indian producer Guneet Monga. According to media report, Sneha said that the institution which was shown in the documentary, she was working there. She wanted to become a policeman for which she was in need of money. In such a situation, she used to deposit the coaching fees from the salary she used to get from working in the company.

She said that due to the association of the institution, the director's eye caught me. She wanted me to work in this movie, I first felt very embarrassed but later I thought why i should be ashamed of i when I want to move ahead in my real life. Sneha said that her real life has been shown in the film.

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