Seeing this act of Ranveer, wife Deepika got angry, put a class in front of everyone on social media

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Ranveer Singh is a Bollywood actor who is known for his bold nature and acting. Apart from his acting, he also makes headlines because of his dressing. Ranveer sometimes wears such outlandish clothes that people are amazed to see him and they laughed. The extent was reached when Ranveer once walked into an award function wearing a girl's skirt. Ranveer trolls on social media every day for his strange fashion sense and interestingly, Deepika Padukone is unable to stop herself from commenting on seeing his fashion. Recently Ranveer put a picture on his Instagram account, which his wife Deepika also pinched.

Ranveer arrives at Elle Awards Night

A few days ago, Ranveer Singh arrived on the night of Elle Awards where once again he appeared in his special style. During this time, Ranveer wore a shirt inside black coat pants with some buttons open above and his chest was visible. Ranveer caught a hat on the head and a stick in his hand and this look, he was seen doing strange acts on the red carpet. Before coming to the red carpet, he shared a photo of his look on Instagram.

Deepika quips on Ranveer's photo

When wife Deepika saw this look of Ranveer, she commented in a pinch, "Shouldn't you have asked me before emptying the bronzer bottle on your chest?" For your information, bronzer is a makeup product It is used to enhance the shine on any part of the body. Ranveer's chest was glowing a lot in the picture, so Deepika Padukone made this fun comment on his photo.

People said- Bollywood's Joker

Recently Ranveer was seen wearing a hoodie much longer than the limit. This hood of orange color was up to his feet. With this, he wore a neon green color shoe and had black glasses on his eyes. This look of Ranveer was different. Seeing this strange look of Ranveer viral on social media, the fans trolled him fiercely. Even a fan called him a Bollywood's Joker.

Deepika and Ranveer will be seen in Ranvir Singh's upcoming film '83'. This is very good news for her fans because for the first time after the marriage, Deepika and Ranveer are working together. Deepika is the wife of Ranveer in this film. The film is a biopic of famous cricketer Kapil Dev, in which Ranveer is playing the role of Kapil Dev. Deepika will be seen as Kapil Dev's wife Romi in the film.

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