Kaifi Azmi Puniyatithi Special: These shero shayari of Kaifi Saheb will touch your heart

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Friends have been very shayar in India. If you talk about some of the best shayar ever born in India, then the name of Kaifi Azmi comes up quite a lot. Friends, what level did Kafi Sahab do? This day you will read their shayari and today their tribute to our loved one's Will also happen.

Friends are the first sher of Azmi Saheb. Sometimes a million times from us asks for the reason for our problem. But friends we keep pressing the matter in the heart of the people's respect for anyone. Friends, this sher is tremendous.

Friends, in today's time, you are seeing that intolerance has increased in the people of each other's religion. But friends wrote this beautiful sher on this matter.

Friends are engaged in sunburn for a lifetime, and in the course of their life loses many precious moments of life. That is, no matter how much a person gets it, it does not get satisfaction. This is what Kaifi Azmi has done on this wonderful paper.

It is their duty to change people with friends. The main thing in this lion is that the saffron has not accused anyone, but through this lion, he has tried to tell that the change is the rule of the world and no one Not different from that.

Friends, a lot of laughing person is sitting in the heart of many gaps. This lion of friends Kaifi Azmi is famous even today and due to his far-reaching thinking, it fits perfectly in today's time.

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