John Abraham's comment on Salman Khan's Race 3

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Bollywood actor John Abraham entertains the audience with his films. After the success of Satyamev Jayate, John is busy shooting film Batla House. Recently many important issues asked from John Abraham like trolling on social media and joining the list of highest paid actors. Responding to these questions, John also talked about Salman Khan.

John Abraham said in an interview to the Entertainment Portal, "I do not understand why it is important for the stars to be included in the list of highest paid actors." We are artists, our identity is by work. Stars have consistently been included in the list of Highest Paid Celebs for three years, but their films have flopped badly. "

John Abraham said, you see the list of Year 2018 Highest Paid Celebs. The name of Salman Khan is on top. But his film Race 3 badly flopes John Abraham said, many stars wear funny outfits on the airport. Then they says that they were trolled, this is your own choice. I can not even take money in weddings and dance too. I do not say that it is wrong to do it, but I can never do it. It is clear.

John Abraham said, these days social media is a parameter which describes your fam among your fans . I am from the marketing background, but if my manager says that he will tell me only after seeing the social media, then he is not doing his job correctly. John Abraham said, I also admire many such stars who have made their place in bollywood.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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