Google removes over 200 apps infected by Virus Simbad, Did you Download them?

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The Android ecosystem developed by Google today is used in most of the world's smartphones. Even if it is used mostly in smartphones, it does not mean that it is a secure platform. We have been hearing from the very beginning that Android continues to be a victim of many malware, viruses or adware. Its open source platform makes hackers easy to tamper with its security. Now some researchers at the Check Point have found that many apps found in Android have adware, which has been downloaded 150 million or more than 150 million times from the Google Play store.

This adware, named SimBad, has already penetrated into about 200 apps, becoming an ad-serving platform. Security researcher has said that the developers of these apps do not have any information about it. Even these adware make way for other adware to come in infected apps, so that they can dodge the scanning system developed by Google for the Play Store.

According to TechCrunch, this adware has the capability to remove the app's icon and keep working in the background, as it is installed in the user's smartphone. It fooled developers by making them believe that it would display ads within their apps. Once downloaded and installed, SimBad would not only show ads but also expose other apps to similar infection.This adware runs on many websites inside the smartphone and generates revenue by displaying an ad from there.

Security researcher has also released a list of apps which have been affected by this adware and Google has removed them from Play Store. Google has just been removed from the App Store by Google, but it has not removed from smartphones of users. Some of apps those are affected by this adware include Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator, Hoverboard Racing and Real Tractor Farming Simulator.

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