Despite being married in a Muslim family, these actresses do not have any restrictions on their personal life

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There are many actor and actresses in the Bollywood industry. We often believed that Muslim society imposes restrictions on women. But there are some Bollywood actresses who prove this to be wrong. We will talk about Bollywood actresses who have married Muslim men even after their marriage, these actresses have no restrictions on their personal life

1.Ayesha Takia

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The first name in this list is of Ayesha Takia. Ayesha Takia has married Farhan Azmi, the son of Mumbai's Muslim leader Abu Azmi. The way Ayesha dress up and the way she carries herself in public it seems that there is no restriction on Ayesha by her in-laws. This is proof that her in-laws have not imposed their thinking on Ayesha.

Once, her father-in-law Abu Azmi gave a statement against the women, but Ayesha Takia had always condemned the statement of her father-in-law. It shows that Ayesha Takia is still completely independent of her thoughts.

2.Malaika Arora Khan

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The next name in the list is of actor Malaika Arora Khan. Malaika Arora Khan is also married to the Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. Malaika has never changed her fashion sense after her marriage. She had done many bold songs after her marriage and dresses up the way se likes it. It gives us proof that there is no restriction on her after her marriage by her inlaws.

Apart from this, Malaika Arora had danced on the song "Munni Badnam Hui" with her husband and Brother in law Salman Khan, and as all the Bollywood is afraid of Salman Khan's anger. But Malaika had divorced Arbaaz Khan without any fear from Salman and her in-laws

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan

The next name in this list is actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena Kapoor is married to Saif Ali Khan, but after the marriage in the Muslim family, Kareena's fashion sense and style are not changed. Kareena is actively talking about her decisions about her career and is also getting the support of her husband and in-laws

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