'Dead Man' won the last match of his life even after losing

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In WWE Super Showdown, 'Dead Man', the Undertaker, played the final match of life with Triple H. The Undertaker has been wrestling since 1990. 53-year-old Undertaker, played the last WWE match. Where Triple-H defeated them. But Undertaker also won the heart of the people. After losing, Triple-H lifted him up and stood up and told that the real King of the ring is Undertaker. After the match, the fans stood in his honor and played the applause. He was said a felicitously good bye.

The WWE Super Showdown was a match between Undertaker and Triple-H. His brother KANE came to support Undertaker in the match, while on the other side, Triple-H's special friend Shawn Michaels came to accompany him. Both Kane and Shawn Michaels also defended the match. Everyone felt that the Undertaker would win the final match and take a fantastic farewell. But Triple-H overturned and defeated The Undertaker.

After the match, when Undertaker was sitting unhappy, Triple H came to him, lift him up,raised his hand and called him a champion . People liked this kind of gesture of Triple H because everyone wanted Undertaker to win this match and get away with the victory. The ambition of the fan was completed by Triple H and gave a fantastic farewell. Now Undertaker will never return to the ring. His journey is over here now.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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