CBFC angry with the title of Imran Hashmi's film, with one cut, title ‘Cheat India’ changed to ‘Why Cheat India’

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Entertainment| Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is upset with the title of Imran Hashmi's forthcoming film ‘Cheat India’. There are reports that the censor had suggested changing the title of the film, which the producers had accepted. Now this movie will be released with the name ‘Why Cheat India'. The film is set to release on January 18 this month.

Just a week before the film's release, the sensor objected to the title. According to sources, the film was seen by the Censor's Examining Committee on Thursday, and according to the content of the film, the title was being 'Miss Lead'. Although the producers argued that the title has been in the public domain for the last two years and it has been running in the movie trailer and promos too since a long time. But the censor board remained firm on the decision to change the title.

When the makers felt that the time left to them is just two weeks, instead of continuing the dispute, they agreed on the suggestion of the sensor. In this way the title 'Cheat India' has been changed to 'Why Cheat India'. The sensor board has cleared the film with a U / A certificate.

Concerned about the content of his films, the censor board has made cut on one scene and has asked to blur a scene, in which Imran is seen consuming drug. Let us tell you that on January 18th, Imran's film is going to release with Radhika Apte's 'Bambaria' and Govinda's 'Rangila Raja

Last year, after the intervention of the sensor, the titles of some films had to be changed. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer 'Padmavat' and Ayush Sharma's film 'Loveyatri' were released with these titles instead. Earlier, the titles of both films were 'Padmavati' and ‘Loveratri’. After the objection, the censor suggested changing the title, on which the director agreed.

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