Birthday special: You will be shocked after knowing the hidden story of this actress

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This story is all about the beautiful famous leading actress from 1972-1985 Reena Roy, who has her birthday today so we will tell you some facts about this actress and after knowing the secrets of her life, you will feel that this story is a complete film, which is full of some tragic incidents. Regarding the relationship between Shatrughan Sinha and Reena, it is being said, and believed that Sonakshi Sinha look alike her Father's ex- Girlfriend and she is the daughter from Shatru-Reena, but the truth is that the duo had already separated before the birth of Sonakshi. For your imfromation, let us tell you some unknowable facts from Reena's life.

Reena Roy was a Cabaret dancer prior debuting to Bollywood.

Reena Roy’s mother was a Punjabi Hindu, Sharda Rai and her father was a Muslim, Sadiq Ali, a small-time actor.

It is said that due to financial problems, Reena started working in films from the Teen Age.

Reena's career started with B grade films in which she had done a lot of bold scenes during that period, and also many semi-nude scenes which was not usual at that time, and doing so was a big challenge for her, but as her financial condition was not as good, so she had to do such scenes and made her alive in headlines.

Reena got the first major breakthrough from the film 'Kalicharan' in which she was seen opposite to Shatrughan Sinha.

This is where the relationship between Shatrughan and Reena started and this relationship lasted for seven years.

After this, when Reena Roy went to abroad, Shatrughan got married with Poonam Sinha. When Reena heard this news of Shatru’s marriage, she underwent with a huge shock. She also reacted on this and asked Shatru, “What was the need to do so?”

Although Poonam never opposed the relationship of Reena and Shatrughan, but she was Confident that both of them would never marry each other. This is what she said once.

It is said that the Shatrughan also thanked Reena for supporting him for seven years as a better partner. Reena's dubious family background was the reason to not to marry her.

It was rumoured all around, that Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi lookalike her father’s ex-girlfriend, Reena Roy. And everybody started to doubt that Sonakshi is the daughter of shatru-Reena. But Reena cleared this doubt by saying that the reason behind this is that may be her Indian look, because she went away from Shatru’s life after he married Poonam, and never faced him after all this happened.

Later, Reena married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan who left his cricket career for Reena and came to India. Both worked together in some films and had a daughter too, but Reena’s destiny wanted something else and this marriage too broke.

Mohine, after separation, went back to his country, and left Reena alone.

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