Bigg Boss 12: Suspect on Saurabh Patel to be a Farmer, will now become an actor

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Saurabh Patel, who came as a farmer in Bigg Boss 12, was eliminated from the house. Due to fewer votes, he had to go out from Bigg Boss's house. After Neha Pendse, the audience has considered Saurabh as the lowest entertainment member in the house.

On coming out of Bigg Boss's house in the interview given to Spotby, Saurabh said, "I want to become an actor. If I get a good chance, I would like to pursue acting as my career." Saurabh entered in the house with Shivaashish, who is a businessman. But there were allegations in the middle of the show that they had hidden their identity.

He is not a farmer in reality. This question was asked after Saurabh came out of the house. In response to this question, he said, "I do not know about this. What is being said out, I can answer only after knowing all about the issue."

When asked about his journey in the house, Saurabh said, "I am sorry. I could not play long enough. I do not think I deserved to stay and Urvashi should have gone out of the house.

Saurabh Patel has been eliminated from the house. In the past, his fight with Deepak was very much discussed. During the last weekend, Salman Khan had kept many lies of Saurabh in front of the housemates.

According to a report from Bollywood Life, Saurabh's real name is not Saurabh and he is a farmer, rather he is a casting director. Saurabh had been trying out in acting for a long time and he wanted to do it at a bigger level.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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