Big Boss 13! Hearing lewd comments on sister Aarti, Krishna Abhishek was enraged

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The house of Big Boss is such that no one can go there and live without fighting. Siddharth Dey did something similar in a task. During the task, he has commented on Aarti Singh, who is the sister of comedian Krishna, which had created ruckus not only inside the house but also outside the house.

Actually during a nomination task at home. When Siddharth Dey, Paras, Abbu and Asim had to sit with each other's holding hands. And the girls had to get their hands off by doing anything. However, in this task, only boys were to be nominated.

During the task itself, Aarti started applying things like shaving cream and chilli on Siddharth Dey's hands. And perhaps getting angry, Siddharth Dey made some lewd comments to Aarti. After which Aarti became very angry and later started crying. However, Siddharth Dey also apologized to Aarti after the task.

Comedian Krishna Abhishek is very angry with Siddharth Dey about this. Krishna told that he wants to go on the show and in front of Salman Khan, Siddharth Dey wants to ask what is this all about.

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Krishna told that Siddharth Dey knows his family very well, yet how can he behave like this with Aarti. At least they should not talk like this to a woman. Krishna is very angry with Siddharth Dey for all these things.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures