Ali Zafar Trolled on on praising Imran Khan, Tapsi Pannu came to defend him

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Entertainment| Following India's heavy pressure, Prime Minister Imran Khan recently announced that Pakistan will send the IAF Wing commander Abhinandan Vardhman back to India. People are happy with this decision. Pakistani artists are also praising Imran. Ali Zafar, who is part of all Bollywood films, praised Imran on Twitter. But due to this, he had to face trolls in India too.

Actress Tapassey Pannu, who has been part of "Chashme Badhur" with Ali Zafar, has come forward in defense. In a conversation with an entertainment website, Tapasi said, "I do not understand this. Will you expose from Ali that they, as a Pakistani, support a country which is not part of them. Have been banned from them. "

"We are satisfied with this, if I also support our country, I will be trolled by Pakistanis, Pakistan is their country, they will be trolled even if they do not support the Prime Minister of their country."

"We are trolled here even when we do not celebrate the success of our country." It is foolish to think that Ali does not come in support of Imran and do something different from him. The needy people need to celebrate and we are doing our country, and we are doing this, obviously that they will support their country. What is wrong in this?

Let me tell you that Ali wrote on Imran's speech 'What a Speech'. After which the actor Paresh Rawal wrote, 'Now I am speechless.' Apart from Ali, Pakistan's actor-director Jamal Shah also wrote in support of Imran Khan: "If I had, I would do the same. Most people in Pakistan wanted the same to congratulate the congratulations back to India. Imran Khan has respected the sentiments of common man. "

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures