Relief in Petrol-Diesel prices

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Petrol and diesel were also cheaper on Friday. In Delhi, the rate of one liter petrol was Rs 77.10 and in Mumbai it was Rs 82.62. The cost in both cities is reduced to 18 paise. Diesel rates are also got reduced by 16 to 17 paise. Due to cheaper crude oil, companies are making petrol and diesel cheaper. Crude oil has been more than 20% cheaper in a month.On Friday, one liter petrol in the national capital Delhi has become 77.10 rupees. Speak about diesel; the price has come down to Rs.71.93 per liter after the reduction of 16 paise.

Talk about the financial capital Mumbai, petrol and diesel have been cheaper here too. Here you have to pay 82.62 per liter for one liter of petrol. Petrol is 18 paise cheaper here.The price of diesel has come down here too. There is a liter diesel 17 paise cheaper here. With this deduction, on Friday, one liter diesel you’ll get of Rs 75.36.

Go Air's Boisterous Anniversary Offer: Book your flight Tickets at Just Rs. 1313Internationally, crude oil prices continue to decline. On the other hand, the rupee has also become stronger than the dollar now. The prices of petrol and diesel are coming down steadily.

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Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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