Petrol prices rise while diesel falls across cities on 15th March 2019; Check Rates here

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Petrol and diesel prices change daily In india at 6 am in the morning since June 16, 2017. Prior to this, the prices of petrol were changed on a fortnightly basis.

Retail Price of petrol hiked by 7 paise across the country on the other side price of Diesel edged down 10-11 paise on Friday.

In Delhi, a litre of petrol costs Rs 72.55 per liter as compared with Rs 72.48 a litre on Thursday, while diesel is retailing at Rs.67.22 a litre, according to Indian Oil Corporation website.

After revision in Mumbai, the retail prices of petrol and diesel are Rs 78.17 a litre and Rs 70.42 a litre respectively.

In kolkata, petrol and diesel are sold at Rs 74.63 a litre and Rs 69.01 a litre respectively. Similarly, in Chennai, petrol costs 75.35 per litre and diesel costs Rs 71.04 per litre.

It can be noted that the retail price of petrol went up to 84 rupees lit in Delhi in October 2018 and it crossed the 91 rupees in Mumbai. Retail fuel prices in India depend on both international oil prices and rupee-dollar exchange rates. Since the beginning of this year, the retail price of petrol was increased by Rs 4 a liter and the price of diesel was increased by about 5 rupees a litre.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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