Petrol price rose after 20 days, know the price in metro cities

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After the gap of about 20 days, prices of petrol and diesel IS climbed on Monday as international prices of crude oil prices are on the rise. Crude prices have increased with the hope that a trade war between the US and China could soon be softened.let us tell you that last time the prices of crude went up on 17 December 2018.

On Monday, the price of petrol in all major cities has increased by 21 to 22 paisa per liter, while diesel has been costlier by 8 to 9 paisa per liter. Petrol in Delhi is being sold at Rs 68.50 per liter, while on Monday it was priced at Rs 68.29 per liter. At present, diesel is being sold at Rs 62.24 per liter as against Rs 62.16 per liter in the previous day.

In the country's financial capital Mumbai, petrol is being sold by 21 paisa a liter, and it is priced at Rs 74.16 a liter, while the price of diesel has been increased by 8 paisa per liter to 65.12 rupees per liter. Besides, if you talk about Noida, petrol price inceased by 29 paisa a liter and it will cost Rs 69.79 a liter and diesel has increased by 20 paise to Rs 61.93 per liter, while the previous day it was priced at Rs 61.73 per liter. In Gururgram, petrol was costlier at Rs 69.82 and diesel was priced at Rs 62.54 a liter.

Talk about other metro cities, petrol in Chennai and Kolkata has increased from 2 to 22 paise to Rs 71.07 and Rs 70.64 per liter. At the same time, diesel prices have increased to Rs 65.70 and Rs 64.01 per liter respectively.

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