Instructions given by RBI to those who don’t accept 1 and 10 Rupee coins

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It’s been two years since Demonetization but there are places and people who still refuse to accept all kinds of coins in the market. In some parts of the country Rs. 10 coin is not being taken, and in some places small coin of 1 Rupee is not being taken.

Although the government says that all the coins are legitimate. No coin of 10 rupees is being accepted in Rewari, just 100 kilometers away from the national capital, Delhi. Kulpreet, who came to Delhi from Rewari refused to take the 10 rupee coin, when a conductor gave it to him at DTC bus on Friday.

Kulpreet says that this coin is not accepted in Rewari, so he will not take it. At the same time, the conductor was forced to say that it is a valid coin and it has to be taken. If he refuses to accept the coin, then the information will be given to the police and he can be jailed for seven years.

Denying 1 rupee coin

Not all coins are being accepted easily in Delhi NCR. Mahipal Bhati, living in Ghaziabad, belonging to Delhi, says that a shopkeeper had given him a small coin of 1 Rupee in Delhi.

He tried to give the coin in many shops in Ghaziabad, but everyone has refused to accept it. Those who sell fruits, vegetables, even said that you can give a rupee less, but do not give this coin.

10 rupee coin does not run in Chhattisgarh too

Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur also does not run a coin of 10 rupees. Apart from this, the same was seen in Korba, Champa district. Whether there are buses or be it shopkeepers or big malls, anywhere 10 rupees coin are not being accepted. But coins of Rs. 5 and 2 are being accepted comfortably in the same city.

This situation began after demonetization

Officials of the bank say that when the demonetization took place in November of 2016, the coins were extensively placed in the market. When the coins were to be deposited back in the banks, the bank staff used to refuse to take it.

Bank employees said during that time the notes would be counted by the machine, but who would count the thousands of coins. In any case, there is a shortage of employees in the bank, in such a way, counting a customer's coin will take one hour, then a long line of customers will be found on the counter.

All coins are valid

The Reserve Bank spokesman says that all the coins issued have been issued under the rules of the Reserve Bank. That's why all coins are valid. If any person or bank refuses to accept it, then the information should be given to the police, doing so is a crime.

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