Diesel Prices remain unchanged, Petrol rates increase On 9th March, Check Rates

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Petrol and diesel prices change daily In india at 6 am in the morning since June 16, 2017. Prior to this, the prices of petrol were changed on a fortnightly basis. Then, there may be a change in petrol rates occur on the first and the 16th day of the month.

The purpose behind the introduction of change was that the switchers would help dealers to earn the benefits of minute change at the global level.

Petrol Price in India

Agra71.45 ₹/L0.05
Ahmedabad69.71 ₹/L0.07
Allahabad71.75 ₹/L0.05
Aurangabad79.06 ₹/L0.07
Bangalore74.71 ₹/L0.07
Bhopal75.40 ₹/L0.07
Bhubaneswar71.31 ₹/L0.07
Chandigarh68.38 ₹/L0.07
Chennai75.09 ₹/L0.07
Coimbatore75.50 ₹/L0.07
Dehradun72.18 ₹/L0.06
Delhi72.31 ₹/L0.07
Erode75.57 ₹/L0.07
Gurgaon72.42 ₹/L0.05
Guwahati71.87 ₹/L0.08
Hyderabad76.73 ₹/L0.07
Indore75.50 ₹/L0.07
Jaipur73.07 ₹/L0.07
Jammu73.77 ₹/L0.07
Jamshedpur70.72 ₹/L0.05
Kanpur71.47 ₹/L0.05
Kolhapur78.23 ₹/L0.07
Kolkata74.39 ₹/L0.06
Kozhikode74.40 ₹/L0.07
Lucknow71.66 ₹/L0.06
Ludhiana72.68 ₹/L0.07
Madurai75.71 ₹/L0.07
Mangalore74.03 ₹/L0.07
Mumbai77.94 ₹/L0.07
Mysore74.34 ₹/L0.07
Nagpur78.44 ₹/L0.07
Nashik78.44 ₹/L0.07
Patna76.34 ₹/L0.07
Pune77.80 ₹/L0.07
Raipur70.71 ₹/L0.07
Rajkot69.53 ₹/L0.07
Ranchi70.75 ₹/L0.06
Salem75.85 ₹/L0.08
Shimla71.26 ₹/L0.07
Srinagar76.83 ₹/L0.07
Surat69.62 ₹/L0
Thane77.96 ₹/L0
Trichy75.52 ₹/L0
Vadodara69.36 ₹/L0
Varanasi72.09 ₹/L0
Visakhapatnam75.49 ₹/L0
Faridabad72.64 ₹/L0.06
Ghaziabad71.67 ₹/L0.05
Noida71.81 ₹/L0.06
Thiruvananthapuram75.55 ₹/L0

Diesel Price in India

Agra66.13 ₹/L0
Ahmedabad70.60 ₹/L0
Allahabad66.46 ₹/L0
Aurangabad71.88 ₹/L0
Bangalore69.78 ₹/L0
Bhopal68.87 ₹/L0
Bhubaneswar72.44 ₹/L0
Chandigarh64.33 ₹/L0
Chennai71.38 ₹/L0
Coimbatore71.78 ₹/L0
Dehradun66.68 ₹/L0
Delhi67.54 ₹/L0
Erode71.86 ₹/L0
Gurgaon66.67 ₹/L0
Guwahati68.09 ₹/L0
Hyderabad73.44 ₹/L0
Indore68.98 ₹/L0
Jaipur69.97 ₹/L0
Jammu66.33 ₹/L0
Jamshedpur68.90 ₹/L0
Kanpur66.17 ₹/L0
Kolhapur69.95 ₹/L0
Kolkata69.33 ₹/L0
Kozhikode71.47 ₹/L0
Lucknow66.36 ₹/L0
Ludhiana66.85 ₹/L0
Madurai72.01 ₹/L0
Mangalore69.12 ₹/L0
Mumbai70.76 ₹/L0
Mysore69.44 ₹/L0
Nagpur71.31 ₹/L0
Nashik70.13 ₹/L0
Patna70.74 ₹/L0
Pune69.51 ₹/L0
Raipur70.79 ₹/L0
Rajkot70.44 ₹/L0
Ranchi68.94 ₹/L0
Salem72.11 ₹/L0
Shimla65.58 ₹/L0
Srinagar68.89 ₹/L0
Surat70.60 ₹/L-0.1
Thane70.85 ₹/L-0.1
Trichy71.89 ₹/L-0.11
Vadodara70.31 ₹/L-0.11
Varanasi66.84 ₹/L-0.09
Visakhapatnam71.87 ₹/L-0.1
Faridabad66.89 ₹/L0
Ghaziabad66.36 ₹/L0
Noida66.49 ₹/L0
Thiruvananthapuram72.60 ₹/L-0.1

It ensures that a minute difference in global oil prices can also be transmitted to fuel users and dealers. Fuel costs include excise duty, value added tax (VAT) and dealer commission.

There are many components in petrol prices in India, which are largely determined by international crude oil prices.

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