The family did 'last rites' of the living daughter, this is the reason

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Love has no limitation of caste, religion, it just happens but despite all the awareness, caste is still the reality of our society today related to this, a case has been reported that a 20-year-old was missing on October 27 after this, the family lodged a report of missing daughter in police. At the same time, the police said that Kusum around two weeks ago left from home for collage but she didn't come to home but in the interrogation done by Police the reason came out that she got married to Nanu Dangi, living in Alirajpur district.When the police came to know about Kusum's marriage, they took her to the court of SDM. Kusum confessed to marrying in the court and said that she will stay with his boyfriend Nanu Dangi. After this, the SDM sent the Kusum with NANU. But the Kusum family did not accept the marriage of the alleged lower caste boy. Kusum and Nanu were in love with each other while studying in college. According to the report, Kusum's sister Shamu told that our uncle told the family that prepare the funeral for Kusum because she has died for us. He said that Kusum was sent to the college to study, not because she married a lower caste boy.

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A cruel family told the relatives and in village that Kusum has died. They +made a pyre on which a picture of Kusum was kept. Apart from this, Kusum's clothes, books and other accessories were also tied in a pyre. The villagers cried over the pyre of the Kusum and then the pyre was raised on the shoulder and moved around the village. After this her pyre was taken to the crematorium and handed over to the fire.

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Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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