After the stomach ache a man reached to the hospital, the doctors who were shocked by the X-ray report.

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Bizarre: The ostrich found in Australia is the world's largest bird. Along with it is one of the largest surviving species of birds and it gives the largest eggs than any other bird. Not only this, an ostrich egg is sold for at least 20 thousand rupees.

But astonishing thing is that when a bigger stone than an ostrich egg is in a person's bladder, then what will be the condition of that person? Obviously that person will remain in pain. Yes, a doctor in China, find a bigger stone than ostrich eggs in the bladder of a person living in China and was given surgery at the earliest.

China's 55-year-old Zhou was suffering from this pain since June. After X-ray, a team of doctors,find such a big stone in his bladder and did surgery. Zhou's surgery took place in Xingdu Hospital in Wuhan city of China. After which 13 cm (5.1 inch) stone (stone) was removed.

According to Wang Hui, the doctor who performs the surgery, the burden removed from the patient's bladder is as big as the ostrich eggs. If it was not surgically executed at the earliest, then it could lead to major kidney related disorders.

Doctors said that, in this surgery, no medical device has been used. According to him, this situation of Zhou is due to his bad habits. These habits include not drinking excessive water, staying on just sitting for long and stopping urine for a long time. He also told that it was the largest bladder stone ever removed after surgery.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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