Woman dries cloths putting ice cubes with cloths in Washing machine dryer

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Internet desk| A woman has shared something about her life on social media related to her neighbor. A woman named Stella said that her neighbor was washing clothes in the washing machine one day at the wash area. She the put the three pieces of ice with the clothes in the same dryer to dry clothes.

This thing of Stell went over her head and she did not get it. After this, the woman kept looking after her neighbor working for many days. Then one day she asked her the reason, she was not convinced by listening to her.

Neighbors told the lady that we women wash a lot of clothes every day. After this we dry them and then iron them in wardrobes. This whole process takes us all day. But these ice cubes have solved their iron problem.

Neighbors further told the lady that after washing cloths many crease are left after drying. After which they have to do iron well. But due to the ice, no crease is seen on the cloth and they do not have to iron them.

The lady told that while you proceed for drying cloths, put ice cubes in the dryer. When hot air gets out of the dryer, the ice melts rapidly. And with ice melting, it also produces steam. Due to steam, the contraction of the cloth gets cured and after the drying of the cloth, it is released without stagnation. They are in the condition that they do not have to be ironed.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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