When a loved one dies, Dani Tribes of Indonesia Cuts a woman’s finger

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We have heard or read about Eklavya who cut his thumb as a "Gurudakshina" for his guru Dronacharya. But if someone ask you to cut off thumb or finger for them then will you do that? It is a stupid task you would say. But today we are going to tell you about a tribe of Indonesia, Who cut their fingers for their beloved ones.

The interesting customs of Dani Tribes

A tradition is such that if the head of the house dies, then women have to suffer the punishment for them. People from Dana tribe living on Papua Guinea island of Indonesia are famous for playing the world's most painful and cruel traditions. According to this tradition, in order to mourn the death of the head of the family in the Dani tribe, all females voluntarily cut off part of a finger as a way of showing their grief. The practice has been going on for generations and it still hasn't gone out of style.

After which the severed portion of the finger was burned to ashes, which were then stored in a special place. It gives peace to the soul of the person who dies.

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Before cutting a finger, women's fingers were tied to the rope to restrict the blood circulation. After that, his fingers were cut from the ax.

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The main justification for this is that after cutting their fingers they can forget the pain of relative death due to heavy pain on the finger.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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