Were going to give fire to the pyre, then suddenly a voice came saying stop, stop - wait, what happened after that…

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Preparations were on to burn the dead body on the pyre that a policeman shouted, wait, don't burn. Hearing this, the senses of the people flew away, then it was discovered that the bodies have been exchanged in the hospital. Cases of mutation often come up in the hospital, the interchange of bodies surprised the people. The incident is being reported from Chandrakona area of ​​West Midnapore.

Rai was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after consuming poison Gautam Rai (48), a resident of Birvanpur, Chandrakona. He died on Saturday night. On Saturday, a person named Sudhir Majhi (69) was also killed in Midnapore Hospital with chest phlegm. There was the talk of handing over the bodies of both of them to their families on Sunday evening.

Sources in the hospital said that Sudhir's family first arrived to take the corpse and without seeing Gautam's body. When Gautam's family came here, the morgue staff gave him Sudhir's body. After seeing the dead body, the family said that it is not Gautam's body. Here, the family of Gautam started creating a ruckus. Seeing the commotion, the police were informed.

On behalf of the hospital, it was told that a few hours ago Sudhir's family had come to retrieve the body, they have been handed over to Gautam's body. It is learned that Sudhir's family has taken Gautam's body to the Padmavati crematorium. Gautam's family went to the crematorium with the police. They were about to burn the pyre when the police stopped burning the dead body. The bodies of Sudhir and Gautam were handed over to their family.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures