Tourism Diary: - The fort gets empty before it becomes dark, in the middle of afternoon tourists sweats

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Everyone is fond of traveling. Some like to travel according to adventures, like trekking, skiing, they go to places like Himachal Pradesh. There are a few tourists who turn to natural views like mountains, hill stations like Himachal Pradesh, Kashmiri, Camel, Nainital, and Mysore for water greenery. However, some places in India are known for their horror. Today we are going to tell you about a place whose tourists are thrilled as soon as they hear the name as well as get scared. We are talking about Bhangarh Fort located in Rajgarh Tehsil of Alwar District of Rajasthan State, India. It is popular about this place that the buildings here appear nauseous and it is good to leave the place before the day is over. Here at five o'clock, tourists and residents also return to their homes. It is also called Bhutha Fort. According to the facts recorded in history, this fort was built in 1573 by the Kachhwaha ruler Raja Bhagwant Das of Amer.


But this fort was later made the residence of Mansingh's brother Madho Singh. Many stories are prevalent behind the desolation of this place. In one legend, it is said that Bhangarh was the austerity site of Balunath Yogi. The Yogi had allowed the construction of the fort here on the condition of not having legislation in his penance, but the descendants of the king could not fulfill this condition and could not fulfill the rules fixed by them and

He cursed the destruction of this fort and this fort was demolished which is so till date. While in the second legend it is said that a tantric was fascinated by the princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh, but could not get it despite all efforts, in the course of dying she cursed the Tantric princess and the princely state of Bhangarh, after which the Bhangarh fort was destroyed.

Madho Singh had three sons named Sujan Singh, Chhatra Singh, Tej Singh, after Madho Singh, Chhatra Singh became the ruler of Bhangarh. Chhatra Singh's son was Ajab Singh. Ajab Singh had established Ajabgarh in his name. Ajab Singh's son Kabil Singh and his son Jaswant Singh lived in Ajabgarh. This place is still known as the most dangerous place. It is not allowed to stop here after five o'clock in the evening, signboards are being installed from place to place.

Hundreds of tourists visit the place every day to see this place, but, it leaves before evening. There is a lot of panic confusion among people about this place, due to which people are afraid of the name of coming here. However, many organizations, many media houses have done long research here, but such an incident has not yet come to light that has caused any harm. But, even then the people who visit the fort and the people living around it are making misconceptions based on the prevailing legend that it is better to leave before evening.

Many times when the tourists ask about it there, the residents also recommend that you leave before you get down from here. Strange sounds are heard here, due to which the tourists get more fear. Tourists are excited to go here, but after reaching the fort, on the day in the afternoon, they are left sweating after seeing desolation and silence. So tourists themselves try to get there as soon as possible. Even if someone stays for a long time, the security personnel present there send them off early.

Note:-Our site does not endorse or claim any kind of talk about the fort. Neither claims these facts to be true, false. This information has been obtained after long research, the tourists and residents have also been interviewed to get the information. Inputs have also been taken from Wikipedia and other Internet sources to gather information.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures