The more innocent  the face, the more dangerous are their acts, meet  the 9 most dangerous female criminals in the world

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The world of crime is very large. Every day there is the entry of some new face in this world. Criminals can go to any extent due to their whims. Mostly, men's rule this world of crime. But you will be surprised to know that some women in the world have left men behind in this world of crime. Let us tell you about 9 such criminal women in the world.

1- Samantha Lewthwaite


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A big name in the world of crime is Samantha Lewthwaite. The woman, known as the White Widow, caught the attention of the world in 2005. The woman received media headlines due to her love for a terrorist named Germaine Lindsay, who was responsible for suicide attacks in Germany. Later this woman became a member of Somalia's terrorist organization Al Shabaab. The same woman was also involved in the bomb blasts in Kenya. Talking to a news channel, Samantha had said that she wants her children to follow the same path.

2- Bonnie Parker

In the 1930s, this woman was involved in robbery and murders. Bonnie Parker's boyfriend Clyde was her partner in every crime. However, two years after their entry into the world of crime, both of them died in a police encounter. The pair had committed serious crimes in many countries of the world. A film and TV series were also made in her life.

3- Myra Hindley

This woman had committed many serious crimes with her lover. In 1960, the woman committed several murders in England along with her lover. Those murders also included the murder of 5 innocent children. She was sentenced to two years in prison by the court for her crimes. The woman died at the age of 60 in prison, 17 years after being caught.

4- Ma Barker

Ma Barker was one of the most feared women in the history of America's criminal world. This woman carried out many murders, robberies and kidnapping. The woman ran her gang named Baker Gang, and her two sons were also involved in this gang. In an encounter, this dreaded woman was killed by the FBI. The encounter took place in the same house in which this woman was hiding. Today, this house has become a tourist destination for many people.

5- Mary 1

These women hated other communities so much that she wanted to eliminate them from this earth. This woman killed 300 blacks.

6- Enedina Arellano Felix

This woman was the head of a drug smuggling racket named Mexico Juana Carton. Two of his brothers were also associated with him in this racket. This woman committed several murders for her drug addiction. Many kidnapped. This woman became the first female drug mafia in the world.

7-KD Kempamma

This woman of India was also known as Cyanide Mallika. Since 1999, this woman started her story as a religious teacher. She killed many of her followers by giving them cyanide at a secluded place. But one day her crimes came to an end and in 2012 this woman was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent behind bars.

8- Clara Morova

This beautiful sad woman committed such a crime that the whole of humanity was stunned. This cult-minded woman tortured and killed her child and forced her other children and relatives to eat the flesh of her dead child. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison for this heinous crime.

9- Christina Edmonds

This woman was a freak criminal. She bought chocolates from the shops and filled them with poison and then returned them to the shopkeeper. Due to her actions, a child was also killed in the year 1800. She was pushed behind bars in prison for this heinous crime.

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