People of Azerbaijan Take Bathe in Crude Oil, Check Reason Inside

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Most people go to a spa for a massage, pedicure and facial. But for the head of Naftalan in Western Azerbaijan and for a relaxing experience, people are trying a different way that quite shocking. There are many spa specialties in this small town, specializing in crude oil baths.

Oil Baths in Azerbaijan

There is a health center in this city named Naftalan, which treats people with crude oil. People take bath in the bathtub which is full of crude oil. In this health center people come to get rid of skin diseases and the disease related to arthritis and nerves. Apart from the methods of crude oil, there are many other methods used, the bathtub method is most popular method among all . For this, the patient take bath in 130 liters of oil at 40 degree temperature.

Treatment lasts just 10 minutes — spending longer could be detrimental to the heart. A 40-minute cleaning process follows, where the crude oil gets scraped off the body.

Why Do People Bath in Naftalan Oil?

Medical expert Dr. Hashim Hashimov, expert Naphtalan says it can cure 70 diseases and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.It is believed that this disease helps in neurological and skin disorders. Naftalan crude oil is different from the stuff people put in their cars. It contains about 50% of hydrocarbons called naphthalene, which is used in small amounts to treat psoriasis of the skin.

Is this safe?

Everyone does not agree with the health benefits considered. For a start, Naftalan oil can be carcinogenic, which means that it can promote mutations leading for cancer. Naphthalene is present in the car's exhausts, cigarette smoke and mothball, and it may have side effects on humans.

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