OMG!! You can not only listen but also can see the heartbeat of this girl

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We all know that we can only feel the heartbeat. But if we say today we are going to tell you about such a girl whose heartbeat not only hearable but visible too then will you believe? Anyways it is true, Virsaviya Borun from Russia is the only child whose heartbeats are visible.

The girl named Virsaviya plays like other children, participates in dance competitions, but her heart makes her special. Doctors say that this child is suffering from 'Thoracoabdominal syndrome' or 'Pentalogy of Cantrell'. One person from 10 lakh persons has this disease. Virsaviya says that due to the safety of her heart, she always wears light and soft clothes. She says I want to walk, jog, fly. Although I have been forbidden to walk fast.

Virsaviya was born in Russia. At the time of his birth, the doctors were very worried by seeing this condition of his heart. When her mother, Ms. Dari Borun, was pregnant, the doctors said the baby would not survive. She said when I first saw her heart beating it was a new experience for me and I knew that she will survive.

Virasavya pointing to her heart says, 'This is my heart, I am the only one whose heart is in this place.' When you look at my heart then, it looks as a bosom under the chest. It is covered with very thin skin. That's why we can see clearly from the outset how it is beating .

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures