OMG!! World's more Valuable Lip Art Done With 126 Diamonds Costing Rs 3.78 Crore

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A pair of lips covered with diamond has achieved the Guinness World Record for the most valuable lip art. In a show organized by diamond jeweller Rosendorff Diamonds celebrating his 50th anniversary, the brand made a record. A total of 126 diamonds, with a total cost of 3.78 crore (USD 540,858.59) of 22.92-carat weight, was used from Rosendorff's collection.

Established by Craig Rosander in 1963, Rosendorf is a specialist diamond jeweller known for his stylish works. Make-up artist Clare Mac placed the spectacular diamond on the lips of the model very carefully. A layer of black matte lipstick was applied ahead of applying diamond , after which each diamond was carefully placed on the lips using false eyelash adhesive. It took more than two and a half hours to complete the work.