OMG!! Know About Luxurious Hotel Of Japan That Provides Storage For The Dead Bodies Only

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What do you do when a dear person dies? Answer: The circumstances of death depend on the religious customs and wishes of the deceased in your community, but it usually boils down a morgue, a funeral home and a cremation or funeral. In Japan, however, there is another option for a dear departure, to take them in Hotel.

This bizarre hotel situated in Japan, that has been built for the dead. The name of the person who changed the death of people into business is Hisayoshi Teramura. They are living in Yokohama of Japan. Teramura has opened a hotel where only dead bodies are kept. The fare to keep the body of a dead person one day 12000 yen.

They provide storage for bodies that must wait days for a place in one of Japan’s busy crematoria. Teramura got this idea of business because of the rising rate of mortality in Japan and due to this the cremation here is often filled with dead bodies. That means waits of up to four days for the remains to be cremated. And with too few crematoria in high-population centers like Tokyo, things are only expected to get worse.

The deceased's family can keep the dead body of the dead in these hotels and prevent the bodies from rotting.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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