Bizarre Restaurant: A restaurant where ghosts serve food and welcomed people with a bloody knife

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Today we are going to take you on the tour of a unique restaurant. In which no human, instead ghosts serve food. This restaurant is in Spain and the name of this unique restaurant is la Masia Encantada. But seriously, if you are scared of ghosts then this is not the place for you because they really scare you.

Concept of this restaurant is actually inspired by its history. Actually, there is no ghost, but the restaurant's staff serves food to the people as ghosts. The customers come here are welcomed by bloody knives.

Here you will see different kinds of ghosts and witches who come to serve you the most delicious food

This restaurant runs for 3 hours. There are 60 seats and you have to make a booking in order to eat food. When the customer arrives at the appointed time, they are welcomed with a bloody knife or sword.

You will see hanged corpses, those look absolutely realistic. These waiters dressed in ghost costumes not only serve the food but does some weird activities with customers so that they can create the feel of being in a haunted house.

Every possible effort is made to scare people here. Heart and asthma patients are not allowed in the restaurant. Also, the entry of pregnant women and disabled is also prohibited. Children under age 14 are also prohibited in the restaurant. The restaurant's table-chair and interior have been built in such a way that there is a ghost place.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures