Never neglect these things while driving in winter, this may cost your life

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Auto Desk| If you are traveling with children in your car do not keep the heater running. Not only do this, after locking the car, not leave the children alone inside. If the heater is turned on, it can be dangerous for the children. In the absence of oxygen inside the car, suffocation can lead to death. There is also a risk of fire to the car.

In winter, if you feel colder, then also keep your window slightly opened, so that fresh air can come in. this will not cause any harm to you and your car. Sometimes a slight negligence can go heavier on life. Earlier cars were to be opened manually. Now being high-tech, the car has been given a central locking system. The locked person will not be able to come out in the closed car, unless it is opened with a remote.

In the same way, during the summer, you should take extra precautions while turn on the AC. If the driver is going to shopping, then do not keep it on in the parked car. There have been many incidents in Delhi, Chardigarh, where people died due to suffocation in turned on heater. Such situation has not been reported in Himachal but it is necessary to take precautions because of the increase in number of such accidents. Keep the window open so that the air comes in.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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