India’s most expensive car number gets auctioned for Rs.31 lakh, K S Balagopal bids!

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Hobbies are really surprising sometimes. We are talking about hobbies because Thiruvananthapuram-based a distributor has spent 31 lakh rupees to give a special number plate to his Porsche 718 Boxster. This registration number is KJ-01CK-1. This is the most expensive price given for a number plate in this state and even in India so far.

An auction was made to sell this number, where the bid was made from Thiruvananthapuram's K. s. Balagopal, who took this registration number.

Earlier this record was named after Mercedes-Benz S-Class of Haryana, the registration number for this car was purchased for 26 lakh rupees. Now, the auction for KJ-01CK-1, registration number, was placed on Monday in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala by the Regional Transport Officer (RTO). The auction started from Rs 500, Balagopal won the bid with Rs 30 lakh and got the number with an additional one lakh rupees for the application. During the bid, there was an increase in the number of bid in multiples of Rs 5 lakh.

In the year 2017, Balagopal had spent 19 lakh rupees for his Toyota Land Cruiser. Then Balagopal had bought the registration number KL-01CB-1. Balagopal is the propreitor of Devi Pharma, one of the main Pharmaceuticals distribution companies. There are many luxury cars in Balagopal's garage.

During the auction, Balagopal was getting tough competition from Shine Yousef. However Shine left the bid after the mark of 25 lakh rupees. Balagopal is fond of fancy registration numbers and says that he does not regret having spent big on such numbers. At the same time, he also says that they also donate money in flood relief funds. Speaking about his Porsche 718 Boxster, K. S. Balagopal says that the beauty of this sports car and its unique color, Miami Blue attracted him to import the car.

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