Arthroplasty may prevent Osteoarthritis


Experts have conveyed that, interference aimed at mend and restoring the cartilage, a rubbery connective tissue that acts as a cushion flanked by the bones of joints, may stop osteoarthritis and ultimately the requirement of joint replacement. Researches have established that, knee or hip joint replacement surgery, known as arthroplasty, may put people at augmented risk of heart attack right away following the operation. Cartilage imperfections have a tendency to progress, foremost to symptomatic osteoarthritis (OA) and ultimately consequential in the condition of a joint replacement.

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Hence, interference aimed at repairing and restoring the cartilage is wanted, especially in younger individuals,’ leading cartilage scientist from Britain Professor Anan Shetty conveyed that at introduce of Delhi Cartilage Club (DCC) here over the softened. In the previous two decades, there has been a flurry of interest in cartilage study. Shetty from Spire Alexandra Hospital in Kent has also further conveyed that, many methods are currently being used for cartilage repair, counting cartilage transplantation, either as a two-stage or a single-stage procedure. The recently introduce Delhi Cartilage Club will work as a subsidiary of Indian Cartilage Society (ICS) and aims to ‘restore the cartilage and preserve a joint,’ by promoting both cartilage repair treatment and regenerative medicine, in the nation.

Raju Vaishya, Co-ordinator of Delhi Cartilage Club has also further conveyed that, through the activities of the club, we hope to generate consciousness between the doctors about the newest scientific techniques in the field of cartilage restoration and regeneration. The specialists, though, lamented that there are many barriers to the routine use of these useful cartilage restoration techniques. Raju Vaishya, President of Arthritis Care Foundation and Senior Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has also further conveyed that, lack of clear guidelines and understanding of the administrators, insurance companies and approving authorities are the primary obstacle.

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