Arrested Pakistani terror Bahadur Ali trained by Pak military experts: NIA


New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday revealed that LeT terrorist and Pakistani national Bahadur Ali, who was captured recently in North Kashmir, was regularly guided by the control room of terrorist groups in PoK with the help of Pakistani forces.

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Ali, a resident of Jia Bagga village in Pakistani Punjab, was arrested in Jammu and Kashmir’s on July 25 following an encounter with security forces in Kupwara district. Four other terrorists were gunned down in the shootout. Counter terror officials said he was captured with weapons, communication equipment and material of Pakistani and international origin.

They said Ali, who was described by the government as a “big terror catch”, had crossed over to India to attack security forces and fuel more unrest in the valley. He was on a fidayeen or suicide mission in Kashmir.

“We have collected all kinds of evidences. Bahadur Ali was directed to take advantage of current situation in Kashmir. Recovered articles show that terrorist was provided great refs in codes. It shows very highly trained people trained him,” said NIA IG Sanjeev Kumar in a press conference.

Kumar disclosed that Bahadur Ali was recruited by Jamaat-ud-Dawa and was subsequently radicalised by LeT. “Bahadur Ali said that there were 30-50 trainees at training camps of LeT from different parts of the countries including Afghanistan and Pak. He said that there were a few army officers in civilian clothes who checked their preparedness with a check-list,” said Kumar adding that Bahadur Ali crossed into Indian side on either 11th or 12th June along with two LeT cadres. Bahadur Ali, who was arrested by Indian authorities in J&K on July 25 ’16, made all his disclosure on camera.