Army to carry out operation at Syrian border: PM Saad al-Hariri


Lebanese: On Tuesday Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri conveyed that, army would carry out an operation on the border with Syria that has been a base of operations for militants counting jihadist groups. Reports further stated that, conversing in parliament PM explained the operation intended for the Juroud Arsal area. The administration had given the army the “freedom” to act.

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Juroud Arsal, a barren area in the mountains between Syria and Lebanon, has been a stand of operations for rebel hostility in the Syrian civil war, counting jihadists from Islamic State and the group previously known as the Nusra Front.

Conjecture that the powerful Lebanese group Hezbollah and the Syrian armed are to mount operation next to the insurgents on the Syrian side of the border.

Former Hezbollah head Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah conveyed that time was passing out for Syrian militants down the border close to Arsal to arrive deals with Syrian authorities, conveying it was “high time to finish the threat of militant groups in Arsal”.

Lebanese PM further added that, there is no coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian armies.

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