Arijit Singh to sing a song penned by Kapil Sibal


Mumbai Initially Sibal had penned a Qawwali titled "Tu hi tu" for "Shorgul", yet while working with Kumar on another undertaking, Sibal chose to pen "Tere bina" as a limited time track for the socio-political motion picture. It was then that Arijit was reserved into murmur the number. Discussing the tune, Sibal said in an announcement, "'Tere Bina' is a track that will make an enduring effect and touch numerous lives. I have spent near nine months in building up this track alongwith Niladri whose music I'm extremely attached to."

"I likewise persuaded him to utilize his Zitar for the track. I'm additionally thankful to Arijit Singh for going ahead board at such a spur of the moment announcement and giving it the right sort of musical treatment. The track is to a greater extent a social venture that influences the masses to stand firm on humankind and do whatever it takes to be the torchbearers of progress," he included.

"Tere bina", a moderate sentimental number on adoration and division, will include the lead performing artist of the film, Turkish supermodel Suha Gezen in a submerged scene. Underprivileged young lady youngsters have joined in Arijit for the melody's tune. He prepared them for it. The track is unique in light of the fact that Niladri Kumar is appearing as a music chief with it.

"We have given a chance to underprivileged youngsters to showcase their musical ability to the world and began the procedure of 'Be the change you wish to find on the planet'. On a lighter side, this is the first occasion when I'll be turning music chief for a film and with this track, I needed to connect with the more youthful era by playing out sounds with which they can relate to better," Kumar said.

Set against the setting of Uttar Pradesh, the film, co-coordinated by P. Singh and Jitendra Tiwari, depends on narrow mindedness and tries to make the group of onlookers mull over where humankind remains in the midst of the clamor of religious, social, political and monetary partiality.