Are you unsatisfied with low sex drives of your men?


What is low Sex Drive?
Low  libido or brought sex drive alludes down to the nonappearance of enthusiasm for sexual action.  libido or sex wish relies on upon a blend of organic, relationship and individual factors.The desire for sex varies from one individual to another and varies in the same person, after some time, in view of what's happening in the individual's life. Regularly low sex drive is not an evident sympathy toward a man. Be that as it may, if the loss of enthusiasm for sex has no obvious reason and if it bothers him, then medical attention must be sought.

Changes in sex drive in men can occur due to biological and psychological factors like:

Stress: When one is exposed to higher levels of stress, say at the workplace, tiredness, dissatisfaction and other factors, can take a toll on one’s sexual desires. Higher levels of stress have been linked to disruption of hormonal levels and possibly cause the narrowing of arteries. Narrowing of arteries restricts the flow of blood and potentially can cause erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels: Testosterone is an important male hormone produced in the testicles. The promotion of muscle building, stimulation of sperm production and bone mass enhancement are all attributed to testosterone. The testosterone levels also play a key role in one’s sex drive. With the lowering of testosterone levels (androgen deficiency), a decrease in the sex drive occurs. The reduction in the levels of testosterone is normal with ageing. 
However, any major drops in its level can lead to lowered sex drive.

Certain medications: Prescription medicines, like blood pressure and antidepressant medicine, can affect an individual’s sexual desires.

Depression: All perspectives of an individual’s life are affected by depression, including his sexual desire. Antidepressants like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have a side effect of low sex-drive.

Chronic illnesses: The effects of chronic diseases like the pain and other symptoms will make one hardly think of sex, thus taking a toll on their libido.

How is low libido diagnosed?

The physician will try to find the underlying causes of your low sex-drive.

The diagnosis of low libido is based on following steps:
Review of one’s medical history and medications
A physical examination
Blood tests

How is low sex drive in men treated?
The treatment of lowered sex-drive includes the treatment of the underlying cause:
Your current medication can be changed if they are found to be the cause. In case, androgen deficiency (low testosterone) is detected in the blood; testosterone replacement therapy may be required.
Stress is addressed by adopting appropriate stress-management techniques.
Counselling or a visit to a therapist is recommended if the lowered sex drive is concerned with psychological issues like relationship problems.

Next Steps
Adopting the following measures can aid in boosting your libido:
Adopt a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet
Ensure you get right amount of sleep
Manage your stress levels