Are You Flirtatious?


Whether it's men or ladies, there are the individuals who love being a tease, however never get into a relationship. 

It's not simply responsibility fear that has these "players" backing off once their objective has fallen heads-over-heels in adoration with them. Things being what they are, is it about getting delight from leaving somebody craving after them? We investigate what the standards of their amusement are… 

Love the pursuit 

These individuals are interested when a person/young lady doesn't fall prey to their appeal effortlessly. It's the pursuit and not the murder that gives them a high. They would prefer not to surrender the energy of making somebody experience passionate feelings for them. In any case, once that is accomplished, they don't recognize what to do! 

Responsibility phobic 

The individuals who experience the ill effects of responsibility fear are never certain whether to relinquish their dating accomplice or to hold tight to him/her. In the deal, they wind up bringing about despair to their accomplice, as well as to themselves. Says 26-year-old Jay Parikh, "I was dating my associate for very nearly seven months. We got along extremely well, however she couldn't deal with it on the off chance that I alluded to her as my better half. We needed to go separate ways, since I was prepared to quit fooling around, however she declined to push forward." 

Home truths 

A few people can't avoid playing the field, however they know extremely well that if the news of their adventures achieve their folks, they will have a considerable measure to pay for. Not having any desire to hazard their home balance, they want to date without getting into something more genuine. 

Keeping the score 

Men love boasting about their score with young ladies and it frequently drives them to hit on ladies. Says 27-year-old Priya Mathur, "My male companions would really have rivalries over what number of young ladies' telephone numbers they could get from at a plate. They would later go out on dates with the ones they figured out how to persuade. They kept track of who's winning and prodded each other about it." 

The interminable single 

The individuals who adoration being single and wince at the considered another person controlling their life likewise fall into the eternity coy class. "I can't envision being liable to somebody. Additionally, the considered calling somebody or noting somebody's calls doesn't sit well with me. Be that as it may, I do appreciate dating," says 24-year-old Mitesh Shah, who doesn't see himself getting into a relationship at any point in the near future. 

Not my dream accomplice 

The things that you consider a man may not be genuine when you become more acquainted with them. Elevated requirements frequently meet with awful results. The individuals who expect a lot out of their accomplice frequently wind up being single. At the point when the oddity of a relationship blurs, these individuals can't deal with everyday relationship issues. 

Since you succumbed to me effectively 

These individuals cherish the pursuit so much that they can't grapple with it when it closes. What's more, they regularly feel that if the individual they are pursuing can succumb to them, he/she can succumb to anybody. The best way to keep them intrigued is to be baffling, however that is regularly excessively overwhelming an errand.