Are you dating a Virgo? Here are 8 things you need to know about them


New Delhi: Astrology has made life simple for many reasons. If astrology can be of any use in love life and dating – it is all the more good. Speaking of Zodiac signs, one must know that specific Zodiac signs have specific characteristics.

So, if you are dating a Virgo – here's how you can know what they are like.

It’s quite an amazing feat that astrology and the ancient beliefs it was based off of, and the ideas it envelops, have managed to remain so relevant, while also continuing to remain much the same. The timeless practice had sought to link events and occurrences that were happening here on Earth with celestial and astronomical observations in the sky. From those astrological impressions, the twelve distinct zodiac signs were born.

Everyone knows the basics about their own zodiac sign but not many of us know all that much about any of the other signs. If you have ever wanted to know more about Virgos, those who were born between August 23 and September 22 of the year, look no further. Above all else, it has been said that Virgos are the most industrious and hard working of the zodiac signs. This quality alone presents a number of other unique and related aspects that set Virgo’s apart. So if you ever find yourself dating a Virgo, or even just attracted to one, these are the top eight things that you’ll ever need to know all about them:

1) They like order – Virgos love all things clean and neat. They can be super critical, picky, and exacting but only because it makes them more methodical and efficient in getting their work done right. Even if you’re far from neat and tidy, if they see you try, they’ll appreciate it more than they’ll ever let on.

2) Virgos are intuitive – They have a bs radar that can detect a lie or stretched truth coming from a mile away. Their natural sense of the impressions and vibes they’re getting from you are often spot on, so don’t try to pull a fast one on them.

3) They don’t play games – They prefer the truth, told to them succinctly and matter-of-factly. Skip the petty drama and be mature because anything less is a waste of time for them.

4) Virgos are sensitive – They are very touchy when it comes to having their voice heard and making sure that their feelings and emotions are considered. If they don’t feel appreciated and turn inwards, bottling things up inside, they might become volatile.

5) Virgos need to be pampered – Their sense of duty has them always doing things for the greater good. They always seem to be looking after and caring for others, sometimes at their own expense. Give them a break and show them you care.

6) Virgos need space – They like to decompress, unwind, and the best way they know how to relax is all by their lonesome. Give them a little room and sooner than later they’ll be ready and renewed for more social adventures and interaction.

7) They’re hard workers – Virgos are essentially workaholics. They like working, are proud of what they do, and want to be with someone who shares a similar work ethic and attitude.

8) Virgos are critical of themselves – They often have super high expectations and exacting creative standards that they demand of themselves. When they feel like they don’t measure up or failed at something, they can get real down in the dumps. Be sure that you always re-assure and support them through all aspects of their lives, not just the work they do.