Are you Chai addict?? 8 benefits will Make You Want To Love Chai Even More!


Masala Chai is everyones favourite. People love to have tea in the morning as it helps us to feel refresh. Antioxidants of tea prevents our body from rust, pollution and even help us to look young.

Chai is loved by everyone specially during rainy seasons. One can enjoy Chai with pakodas, poha and many other things..This article is specially for the Chai addicts..Just gave a look!

So, these are some reasons you will love chai even more.

1.It Reduces Risk Of Cold

The antioxidants and phytochemicals present in the tea helps your body to keep fit. It even boost your immune system. The ginger present in the tea helps specially during the cold season.. Moreover, it tastes amazing!

2. It Helps Relieve PMS

Chai even help the ladies to relieve PMS. The spices present in masala chai, like ginger and cinnamon help balance hormones and relieve the PMS pain!

3. It Helps In Digestion

Tea helps everyone in digestion. The spices present in Chai benefits everybody. Especially, the Cinnamon present in chai helps to calm the stomach and combat nausea and diarrhea. Ginger also soothes the stomach. Black pepper stimulates digestive fire as soon as it touches the taste buds. Cloves stimulate digestion. Fennel helps disperse flatulence.

4. Chai is anti- inflammatory

Ofcourse, tea prevents from inflammation, and the main reason behind is ginger that is present in it reduces bloating and helps the gastrointestinal system.

5. It Has A Lot Less Caffeine Than Coffee, Which Means You Can Have More Of It Without Guilt!

Tea is the satisfying beverage that can substitute for some of your daily coffee consumption. Caffeinated tea has less caffeine than coffee, and decaffeinated tea has almost none.