Apply this rice face pack to get glow on face!


You use a variety of products to get glow on the face. But sometimes using expensive cosmetic products on face destroys the skin. So, if you are looking for ways to make your skin glowing, then prefer to apply rice face pack on your face.

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Rice involves lot of Vitamin E as well as contains antioxidant properties that help to decrease the wrinkles on skin.

To make the face pack of rice, first you need a spoon full of milk, four teaspoons of rice and one teaspoon honey. Mix it well. Later, put them in a bowl and apply it on your face.

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Before applying this face pack, wash your face with water. Later, apply this pack on your face. When it gets dry, remove it. Use this face pack once a week. You will see lot of changes on your skin. Your skin will get wrinkle free and soft.