Apply these home remedies to get glowing skin


After full day, not only we but our skin also gets tired.  In such a case, if you have to go to a party then it creates a big problem for us as we can’t go with dull face and of course there is no time to go to parlor. So today we will tell you some of the measures which will make your skin glowing in 15 minutes.Image result for glowing skin

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So let’s know about these measures:

  1. Make a paste of 1 tablespoon orange juice and 1-1 teaspoon honey and rose water. Now put this paste on your face and after 15 minutes, wash the face.Image result for rose water facepack
  2. Rub lemon on the face. This will not only bring glow on your face, but its bleaching agent will also make your skin tone fair.Image result for lemon juice
  3. Take a little papaya and mash it. Now put this mashed papaya on your face, after 15 minutes, wash the face. This will remove the dead skin of your face and bring glow on the face.
  4. Dry orange peel and grind it. Add milk to it and put it on face. This face pack will bring glow on the face as well as remove many skin problems.Image result for orange peel
  5. Add a tbsp lemon juice and half teaspoon turmeric powder in a tbsp spoon besan and put it on your face. Wash it after drying

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