Apply these home remedies to get glowing skin


Many people are in great troubled because of the color of the face. They use a variety of cream and powders to make their skin glowing and white color. But they did not get any good result from them. So here are some home remedies which will help you in getting glowing skin and bright color.Related image

Apply Lenon, milk and honey:Image result for Apply Lemon, milk and honey

Mix lemon juice and honey well in two to four tea spoonful of milk and massage for two minutes and leave the paste for ten minutes and then wash the face. This will help you in getting skin.

Put Basil leaves, lemon and honey:Image result for Basil leaves

Grind the basil leaves and mix lemon and honey in it and make a paste of it. Apply the prepared paste on face and wash it after 20 minutes. This will clear your face dirt and removes tanning.

Apply Milk, honey and rice water:Image result for Milk, honey and rice water

Boil the rice and take out its water and mix milk and honey well in it. Apply the paste on face and keep for 10 minutes and wash it after 30 minutes. This will help clean your color.

Put Almond and milk:Related image

As much as almond is beneficial for the brain, it is also helpful in bringing glow on face. Our brain and color both gets strengthens from almonds. Now soak the almonds in night and in the morning grind them in milk and make a fine paste. Apply on the face and after thirty minutes wash your face.

Apply Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Capsules:Image result for Vitamin E Capsules

Mix capsules of Vitamin E in coconut oil and massage with two light hands and wash face after one hour. Coconut oil and vitamin E both helps in getting glowing skin and remove pimples from the face.